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Briquetting presses AECO

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Briquetting presses AECO

The AECO range of hydraulic briquette presses is designed primarily for application in small or medium-sized joiner workshops. The briquette press serves the purpose of processing wood waste with a moisture content of 8-15% in order to produce briquettes (fuel) from sawdust, wood shavings and wood dust, using a hydraulic piston mechanism. The briquetting process reduces the volume of waste material by up to 90%. The benefits are savings in the storage area, the creation of a dust-free environment and easy transportation, all of which is achieved without bonding material.



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Fuel efficiency of 1 kilogram of briquettes: 15 – 18 MJ/kg

AECO briquette presses are modern, fully automated machine systems. The computer of the control unit, in cooperation with the press mechanism, provides a constant quality of the briquettes and automated operation. All presses are fitted with a level sensor to monitor the level of the waste material in the feeding hopper of the briquette press.
The feeding hopper is designed for setup with filtration superstructures and a ventilator. This comprehensive, unmanned system of wood dust extraction from the machinery directly to the briquette press provides maximum convenience in the processing of your waste.

Material types suitable for briquetting

  • sawdust, wood shavings
  • wood and paper dust
  • milled paper
  • milled biomass
  • chaff, straw
  • waste from impregnated material – DTM, MDF

Advantages and hallmarks of the AECO briquetting presses

  • High briquette quality – provides a high quality of combustion (low briquette residue) and maximum possible fuel efficiency
  • Resistance to failure combined with a long operating life – application of high-quality materials for the manufacturing of the press mechanism, its robust design, as well as modern technology and high-precision machining
  • Ease of operation – the entire process of briquetting is controlled by a computer
  • Inspection and maintenance – oil level reader and a counter of the machine hours are standard features of AECO presses
  • Low operation cost – low-consumption motors reduce the electricity costs to a minimum
  • Hopper – designed for use together with a filtration superstructure and a ventilator for the direct transport of waste to the briquetting press
  • Hopper inspection door  – for inspection and easy access to the hopper body
  • Left- or right-side mount  – upon the customer’s request, we offer positioning of the press mechanism to accommodate the unit for a left- or right-side mount
  • Outdoor operation – when supplied with special oil, AECO briquetting presses are capable of operation outdoors at temperatures as low as -25 °C
  • Low level sensor – this feature turns the press off automatically once the level of the material in the hopper is too low. After material is resupplied, the press resumes operation automatically


Standard equipment


  • electrical switchboard with a control computer for unmanned operation of the press
  • automatic regulation of the length and quality of briquettes
  • piping system for transporting briquettes to the packing site – 2 arches to a height of 1,200 mm
  • thermostat for oil temperature control
  • pressure gauge for working cycle control
  • level mark of the hydraulic oil tank
  • screw feeder of material to the pressing chamber
  • extracting cutter on the hopper bottom
  • sensor of the material level in the hopper for automatically turning the press on and off
  • emergency entrance port on the hopper wall
  • operation hours counter
  • oil cooler or preparation for its installation


Type Press capacity   [kg/h] Briquett diameter [mm] Power input   [kW] Weight     [kg] Hopper volume [m³] Oil cooling system Filtration superstructures Height[mm] Width[mm] Length[mm]
AECO 30 20-40* 65 4,4 880 1,7 Optional accessories Optional accessories 1556 1542 1967
AECO 50 40-60* 65 5,4 890 1,7 Optional accessories Optional accessories 1556 1542 1967
AECO 70 50-80* 65 6,9 945 1,7 Optional accessories Optional accessories 1556 1542 1967
AECO 100 90-120* 65 9,3 1205 1,7 yes Optional accessories 1556 1542 1967


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