FAN 800

FAN 800

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  • Robust and efficient ventilator for big quantity of waste material
  • Rigid steel structure
  • Proper surface treatment allows outdoor use

Possibility of use

  • Extraction of wooden waste, but another materials also
  • Due to high capacity can be used in small central extraction systems
  • Has to be used together with stand


Max. underpressure 2700 Pa Weight 88 kg Dimension “g” 112 mm
Voltage 400 V Inlet diameter 315 mm Dimension “h” 8,5 mm
Frequency 50 Hz Outlet size 290 x 290 mm Dimension “i” 290
Power input 6,5 kW Dimension”e” 313 mm Dimension”j” 290 mm
Number of phases 3 Dimension “f” 324 mm







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