FAN 600

FAN 600

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  • High performance ventilator for transport of extreme volumes
  • Massive structure made ​​of steel
  • Used quality materials ensures quiet ventilator
  • The result of a special rotor design is a high power
  • Finishing by powder technology determinates fan FAN600 for outdoor use

Possibility of use

  • Is designed for extraction of chips and dust produced during processing of wood and other  types of material
  • Is suited as a major ventilator of central exhausting systems in workshops
  • It is possible to use it also as part of other machines (extraction of mass of air, cooling, etc.)
  • The fan can be ordered including the stand – see foto below.


Technical parameters Value Unit
Max. input under pressure                           2400 Pa
Voltage                             400 V
Frequency                               50 Hz
Output of engine                              5,5 kW
Number of phases                                 3
Weight                             106 kg
Diameter of inlet                             280 mm
Diameter of outlet                    288×200 mm

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