Dust extractor FT 400

Dust extractor FT 400

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  • Robust full metal construction with welded rotor which was developed with requirement for long term durability also in the case of extraction of small pieces of wood and knots
  • High reliable extractor with significant utility value and good output
  • Suitable construction form ensures easy location in each workshop

Possibility of use

  • Extraction from several machines at the same time, including joining machines, thickening machines and four-side planers
  • Possible to also be used for extraction of wet wood chips, after agreement with the producer it is possible to mount an open rotor

Technical parameters

 Max. exhaust capacity  4600  m3/h  Connecting neck 250  mm  Noise level  84  dB
 Max. input under pressure  2400  Pa  Voltage 400  V  Weight 78  kg
 Max. exhausting speed  26  m/s  Frequency 50  Hz  Height 2700
 Filtrating area 6  m2  Output of engine 2,2  kW  Width  1220  mm
 Volume of waste bins  0,66  m3  Number of phases 3  Length  1320  mm
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