Dust extractor FT 401

Dust extractor FT 401

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  • Robust full metal construction with welded rotor which was developed with requirement for long term durability also in the case of extraction of small pieces of wood and knots
  • Part of it is a textile waste bag with extended lifetime
  • Designed for extraction from edgebanding machines
  • The general construction of the extractor allows easy location also in confined spaces of workshop


  • External switching of dust extractor by signal from your machine

Technical parameters

 Max. exhaust capacity  4490  m3/h  Connecting neck 250  mm  Noise level  84  dB
 Max. input underpressure  1630  Pa  Voltage 400  V  Weight 89  kg
 Max. exhausting speed  46  m/s  Frequency 50  Hz  Height 2700
 Filtrating area  6  m2  Power input 2,2  kW  Width 750  mm
 Volume of waste bag  0,33  m3  Number of phases 3  Length  1400  mm