Industrial vacuum cleaner MOPIK

Industrial vacuum cleaner MOPIK

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Industrial vacuum cleaner MOPIK


  • High performance industrial vacuum cleaner with robust construction
  • Recommended for demanding environments, needs practically no maintenance
  • Two types of filters are available: V15.1 – for extraction of wood waste and chips and filter V15 – for extraction of cement, lime and other very fine dry, non-oily and non-explosive dust

Possibility of use

  • Ideal for cleaning of workshops, warehouses and all industrial, agricultural and food-processing structures

Technical parameters


 Exhaust capacity  1360  m3/h  Connecting neck 90  mm  Noise level  79  dB
 Input under pressure  1570  Pa  Voltage 230  V  Weight 50  kg
 Exhausting speed  35  m/s  Frequency 50  Hz  Height 1243
 Filtrating area  9,34  m2  Output of engine 1,1  kW  Width 615  mm
 Volume of waste bins  0,08  m3  Number of phases 1
 Length 1030  mm