Metal separator BR 100

Metal separator BR 100

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  • Massive robust construction developed for difficult conditions of metal working operating units
  • Simple operation and easy handling with waste bin
  • Possibility to connect venting terminal for less frequent cleaning of the workshop

Possibility of use

  • For exhaustion of metal waste originating during metal cutting operations
  • An important aid for maintaining the cleanliness of each operating unit during metal cutting

Technical parameters

 Exhaust capacity  1010  m3/h  Connecting neck 100  mm  Noise level  83  dB
 Input under pressure  2550  Pa  Voltage 400  V  Weight 65  kg
 Exhausting speed  32  m/s  Frequency 50  Hz  Height 1490
 Filtrating area  6  m2  Output of engine 1,1  kW  Width  594  mm
 Volume of waste bins  0,0338  m3  Number of phases 3  Length  670  mm