Single-shaft woodshredder UNTHA LR 630

Single-shaft woodshredder UNTHA LR 630

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The LR630 is single-shaft wood shredder, with an excellent cost/performance ratio. This wood shredder is typically used by joiners processing a wood waste volume of 1 to 7 m³ per week.

The homogenous final product is perfectly suited for heat recovery and the production of wood briquettes.

The LR630 wood shreder can shredding this materials:
– Solid wood
– Chipboards
– Veneers (mixed with solid wood)
– MDF boards
– Cardboards

Describing the process of shredding:

In the shredding process, the hydraulically actuated horizontal pusher load-dependently presses the material agaist the rotor which is equipped with indexable cutters. The cutters grab the material and shred it agaist the static cutting bars and the perforated screen.

A selection of implemented projects:

– Solid wood – (video)
– Chipboards – (video)
– Veneers (mixed with solid wood) – (video)
MDF boards – (video)
– Cardboards – (video)

ACword have an exclusive representation of UNTHA wood shredders for Czech republic.
We give a 3-years no-worries warranty* for all UNTHA wood shredders!

If you are interested in wood schredders, please contact below mentioned person,
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*) or 2,000 h, whichever value occurs first.

Technical parameters of UNTHA LR 630:


Technical parameters Unit LR 630
Power of main engine kW 11 / 15 / 18,5
Power of hydraulic engine kW 0,75
Rotor diameter Ø mm 248
Rotor speed rpm 98
Number of  cutting blades units 17
Charging hole mm 792 x 624
Extraction connector Ø mm 160
Required suction speed m/s 28
Weight kg ca.1 300
Noise level pressure dB (A) 82
Perforated screen Ø mm 15-30
Troughput cbm 1-2
Dimensions mm 1 740 x 1 220 x 1 670